How to create a Mapping file for TDX Manually (FAQ)?
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This article is applicable to TDXP  (Personal Tier) Requests Or even TDXE (Enterprise Tier) processes when customer prefers Manual Mapping Preparation or in case she/he already has a Mapping File.

 ======================= Creating Mapping file Manually =======================

 A Mapping file for subject products is a CSV file with first column to be the name of the profiles in Staad Pro and the second column is the SPREF of the profile(Steel section) in PDMS.

Below is a sample instance of such mapping file:



A sample Mapping File can be downloaded here.


Although this manual operation is possible, to avoid any human error we strongly recommend you to provide us with your mapping file.


====================== TDX1 request without Mapping file ======================

If Mapping file is not provided the applications will provide you with a dummy SPREF name in exported .mac file, i.e for a profile such as "200X10SHS" in Staad Pro, application provides a dummy SPREF as ###/SPREF/200X10SHS### (starting and ending with three #) and to be able to use the exported .mac file user needs to replace all these dummy SPREFs with respective project specified SPREFs in a word processing application such as NotePad or any other word processing application of her/his choice.


As an example user can replace all instances of ###/SPREF/200X10SHS### with "/STRU-PRJ-PRF/MTRL/SHS200x200x10.0" if the latter is the correct SPREF for such profile in your project's PDMS catalog.


Please consult your PDMS admin in your project if you are not sure about all the SPREFs used in your project.


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